How to Get the Most Out of Your Grubhub Listing

Looking to get the most out of your restaurant’s Grubhub listing?

Improve the performance of your listing with recommendations, directly from your Grubhub for Restaurants dashboard. These personalized tips are all based on data about how your restaurant compares to top restaurants in your area.  

Below includes some additional tips that you can help you as well.

Optimize for Searches

When customers log into the Grubhub app, the first thing they’ll do is enter a search term. This is an important stage in a customer’s decision-making process. Make sure your restaurant listing stands out by taking care of the following five factors.  

  1. Show an enticing featured food image. Use a close-up, mouthwatering shot of a signature dish.
  2. Monitor customer feedback. If your ratings are lower than you’d like, respond to your customer reviews carefully and do everything you can to continue doing what’s working and address anything that’s not.
  3. *Lower your order minimum. Ready to attract more customers? Reducing your order minimum is a good place to start. In fact, 90% of orders go to restaurants with order minimums under $20.
  4. *Scale back delivery fees, if possible. Our research shows that 8 out of 10 diners choose restaurants with delivery fees under $3. If lowering your delivery fee isn’t an option, try offering reduced or free delivery.
  5. *Provide accurate estimates for delivery times. Strive for fast delivery, but be mindful of what’s realistic for every order. And don’t forget to keep your customers updated if delivery times need to change. You can adjust delivery estimates on a per order basis if needed.

*These elements apply to restaurants with self-delivery only.

Optimize for Orders

Once customers are convinced that your restaurant is the most delicious and convenient option on the list, they’ll click through to your full listing and menu.

Here are some tips to convert your customers after they land on your Grubhub restaurant page:

  • Feature appetizing photos. Restaurants that use photos on Grubhub are able to increase orders by an average of 13%. Not only that, but using high-quality menu images will increase the likelihood of being featured in Grubhub’s direct-to-diner marketing communications.
  • Keep your ratings up. For customers who have never visited your restaurant before, reviews and ratings can make all the difference. They’ll be looking for evidence of delicious food, accurate orders and timely delivery. Make sure your team is checking all the boxes.

Ready to enhance your Grubhub listing?

By now, you probably have a list of to-dos to improve the effectiveness of your Grubhub listing. Why wait to reap the benefits? Log into your account and start delighting more customers today.

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