Wifi Printer Set Up

Setting up your tablet to a TSP143IIIW Printer


Connecting Printer to Network

1. Press and hold the PAIR button until the LED (blue) button of the printer blinks.

2. Press the WPS button of the access point or router.


Note: The usage procedure of the access point or router will vary according to the device. When configuring, make sure to refer to the documentation of the corresponding device.                                       


3. When a network connection is established, the LED of the printer will stop blinking and stay lit. Upon network connection, a small receipt should automatically print, which lists details on Network Configuration and Current IP Parameters Status.


Note: When connection cannot be established, try reconnecting from the beginning of step 1.


Connecting Printer to Grubhub Tablet

1. Tap the icon in the top left corner to get started

2. Tap Settings from the drop-down 

3. Tap the Add printer button.

4. Once you tap Add printer, the button will change to Select printer and a radio button with the printer model number will appear above.


5. Tap Select printer, and the printer will be added.

6. A three-dot menu will appear with options to Test printer or Disconnect printer.

7. If no printer is found, you will see an error message.


If you have any questions on setting up your wifi printer, you can contact the Restaurant Care team at (877-799-0790).

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