What to expect on Grubhub for Work

Here’s what to expect when you join Grubhub for Work and some best practices we recommend:

When the orders roll in, you:

  • Are sent a confirmation code via phone or email
  • Can connect directly with the Care Team by pressing ‘0’ during the automated call if you need help
  • Will hear from the Care Team on ASAP orders over $300. They will confirm that your staff is comfortable with order size and prep time, then provide an ETA to the business.

Heads up! Schedule Group Orders days and times are set a month in advance, and the Corporate Concierge team will contact you within a week of your time slot to review orders.

When preparing orders, you:

  • Use a checklist and be sure to include utensil, plate, and napkin count
  • Include customers names on the bag and label each order with the name(s) provided
  • Double check every order to keep your customers happy
  • Verify all tickets and ensure they’re closed out at the end of each shift

When the orders are ready, you:

  • Designate an area for drivers to pick-up your orders
  • Place orders in the designated pick-up area when he/she arrives
  • Verify items with the driver, then he/she will initial the order before leaving

When you want to see how you’re doing, you:

  • Go to https://work.grubhub.com/account
  • Access optimized reports, view financial statements and manage settings
  • Sort data for sales, adjustments, popular items, etc.


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