Individually Packaged Meals for Catering

With hygiene concerns being top of mind for businesses, we’re taking action to ensure that your restaurants can still offer Catering while keeping your customers happy and feeling safe. Whereas before you may have ordered many dishes to be shared among a group, we’re now offering Individually Packaged Meals, meaning you can order the same catering items to be delivered in pre-portioned packaging for your next meeting. 


Adding Individually Packaged Meals to your menu

If your restaurant offers catering services, consider adding individually packaged meals to your Catering Menu. 


1.) Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account navigate to your menu page from the left-hand menu


2.) Select the Catering section you have set up, and the first item you would like to offer as an Individually Packaged Meal option

3.) Ensure the item is offered as Catering Only


4.) Select the minimum number of servings this item can be divided into for delivery


5.) Select that this item is available to be ordered as an Individually Packaged Meal under Labels in the Settings and Labels tab


6.) Save the item

7.) Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each item you’d like to offer this way

8.) When you’ve fully updated your menu, you can navigate away from the menu page–you’re all set!


What your customer sees & how orders appear for your restaurant

1.) Once you complete the steps above, your customers will see your restaurant when they search for individual packaging options on 


2.) Once they select your restaurant to order from, the menu items you have made available for Individual packaging will show a label that a customer can then select if they would like the item individually packaged.


3.) Once the customer confirms and places the order, you will see it appear in the Orders tab of your Grubhub for Restaurants account as other Catering orders normally appear. If the order is selected to be “Individually Packaged”, it will appear in the Special Instructions area, so be sure your employees pay close attention to Special Instructions on orders.


Best practices for serving Individually Packaged Meals

Adding Individually Packaged Meals options to your Catering Menu allows for your customers to know their food is safe and touching as few hands as possible. Now that you’ve set up this feature for your restaurant, here are some additional best practices/suggestions:

  • Your restaurant can require a minimum quantity per item type
  • If you’re setting up a “Tray” option for items (such as sandwiches)–you can offer an “assortment” option for a pre-set tray or allow for a customer to select the quantity of each individual item to add variety and allow for flexibility of ingredients
  • You can also set up deli/grocery style items to be packaged individually (such as a quart of hummus to be divided 12 ways)
  • Make sure to place a label on each individual container to indicate what food is inside to ensure your customers know what each package contains, without compromising its safety

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