Updating and Adding Additional Delivery Boundaries

If you do your own delivery, you can now add new delivery areas and change existing area with the Grubhub for Restaurants platform. You can also set different delivery fees for each delivery areas you have.

Create a Delivery Boundary

  • Sign in to Grubhub for Restaurants
  • From the top navigation, select “Delivery Boundary”
  • To create a new area click “Create delivery boundary” 
    • Select a method to create your delivery boundary:

      • “Draw my own” allows you to customize the area you want to deliver in
      • “Distance from restaurants” – pick a distance from your restaurant
      • “Zip Code” – type in zip codes that you want to offer delivery in
    • There can be multiple delivery zones in each delivery boundary with different fees
    • Be sure to name all boundaries, include the delivery fee, and then hit “Save changes”

Edit Existing Boundary

  • To edit an existing boundary, click the area name. 
    • Drag the end points to edit your boundary. You can also update the name or create a name for each different boundary.
    • When you’re done, select “Save changes”

Adding Additional Boundaries

  • To create a new boundary click “create new boundary” and follow the steps above
  • To set an existing boundary live, scroll to the bottom to see a list of existing boundaries
    • Click on the toggle of the boundary you would like to set live and “set as active”

Edit Existing Boundaries

  • Click the pencil for the boundary that needs to be updated
  • Click on the zone that you would like to edit or add a new zone using the instructions above

Receive an error when saving a boundary? Here are some potential reasons why:

  1. Boundary is too large: cannot exceed 70 mile radius from restaurant
  2. Boundary name already exists: Enter a different name
  3. Boundary must have a delivery fee: Enter a delivery fee
  4. Boundary cannot share largest delivery fee with another delivery area: Change fee amount
  5. Boundary must be within area with the largest delivery fee


Catering Delivery Boundaries

We will be creating a catering delivery boundary for you based on your previous Seamless corporate catering orders.  To ensure these boundaries and fees are correct we encourage you to log-in to Grubhub for Restaurants to review and modify these boundaries.

  • Delivery Boundary tab
    • It will auto prompt you to create a catering boundary. Enter the catering boundary on this page, do not enter a ‘standard’ boundary unless both Grubhub and GH Catering are being set up
    • The max is 20 mile radius
    • The max fee is $50

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