Smart Promotions

What is Smart Promotions?

Smart Promotions is Grubhub’s new restaurant growth tool aimed at diversifying customer offerings on the Grubhub app and leveraging data to support restaurants in hitting their business goals.

In the Smart Promotions feature in GFR, you will be able to:

  • Select your Smart Promotions monthly budget
  • Allocate funds towards your specific goals
  • Monitor the success of your promotions
  • Modify/update your budget and goals

Why Smart Promotions?

  • Powerful: You can expect more orders, more new customers, and robust reporting to prove it.
  • Intelligent: Grubhub targets promotions to the right customers to help your restaurant meet its goals.
  • Free to join: Aside from funding your promotions, there are no additional costs to join. 
  • Easy to use:  All you need to do is tell us your goals, and we take care of the rest. Your promotions are then automatically launched and continually optimized to give you the best results.

Goal Setting

You can choose any of the following goals OR a mix of all three:

  • Gain: Attract new customers
    • Examples: New Customer Promotions, Cuisine Competition Promotions
  • Retain: Increase loyalty in your current customers
    • Examples: Bring Customers Back Promotions, Loyalty Programs 
  • Boost: Increase your overall sales
    • Examples: Large Order Promotions, Time-Targeted Promotions, Highlight Specific Item Promotions

How to get started:

1.  Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account


2.  Select the Promotions tab from the menu on the left side of your screen


3.  Select the option to Get Started and begin your enrollment in Smart Promotions

Are you not seeing this page? Click here to contact your Account

Advisor for more information about Smart Promotions


4.  Next, you’ll see the Smart Promotions homepage where you’ll be asked to select: 

    • Which goals are most important to your business now
    • Which goals you’d like to be automatically enrolled in once they become available
    • Your monthly budget for running promotions 


5.  Based on your business needs, choose between 3 categories of goals: Gain, Retain, or Boost. The goals outlined in the Ready to Launch section are currently available, and selecting these will enroll you in these promotion types right away.


6.  Next, you’ll be asked to select which goals you’d like to Reserve your Spot for. By selecting these, you’ll automatically be enrolled as soon as they’re available.


7.  Now, you’ll be asked to set a monthly budget (learn more). You can use the calculator in Grubhub for Restaurants to experiment with different budget amounts.


8.  Once you’re confident in your selections, go ahead and launch your Smart Promotions! 


9.  Congratulations, you’re all set! Now’s the time to sit back and know that Grubhub’s analytics are making your promotions smarter. Once they’re up and running, you’ll be able to check back on this promotions dashboard to see how they’re performing and make future changes, such as adding or changing goals. All changes to your Smart Promotions preferences will be updated at the beginning of the following month. 



How does the Grubhub’s  budget match work?

At the end of each month Grubhub will issue a single credit for the match amount, if your restaurant is eligible. You should see it in your transactions a day or two after the first of the month. For example, dollars matched (and thus refunded) during the month of February will show up in Transactions on March 1st or 2nd.
  • transactionTypes will be “CS_CREDIT”
  • transactionSubTypes will be “SALES_INCENTIVE_PROMOTIONAL_PERIOD”
  • customer service note (in GFR) will be “GH Credit for Smart Promotions”
  • billing description will be “GH Credit for Smart Promotions”

How do I update/change my goals?

In order to update/change your Smart Promotions goals, please contact your Account Advisor. Any changes made through your Account Advisor will be updated for the following month.

Click here to read more about the Terms and Conditions

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