Sign up for Grubhub Catering

Sign up for Grubhub Catering


Follow the steps below to join Grubhub Catering: 

1. To ensure you’re eligible for Catering on Grubhub, please consider these questions:Do you offer Catering-specific items such as trays of food, gallons of sauce, platters of sandwiches, etc?

    • Do you have a restaurant staff that is capable of handling large orders?
    • Do you already have a network of drivers available to help deliver an increase in catering orders?
    • Do you have access to an abundance of ingredients to prepare for large quantities of food?
    • Do you have a kitchen equipped to prepare food at scale?

2. If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, sign up to be a part of the Grubhub Catering Network by filling out the form here. 

3. Once you fill out the form, a Grubhub sales representative will reach out to you to help set up an account. Let them know that you’re interested in Catering.

After you’ve completed the onboarding steps, you’ll have access to Grubhub for Restaurants (GFR) as a portal to self service and update your restaurant information.

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