Setting up Direct Deposit

If you are a new restaurant or you are currently being paid by checks from Grubhub and you’d like to set up Direct Deposit, please follow the steps outlined below.

Already have direct deposit set up and need to make changes? Please follow this process. 

Adding Direct Deposit to your Grubhub for Restaurants account

1.) Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants Account, and navigate on the left-hand side to your financials tab, selecting “Current Balance”. 


2.) Select “Set up direct deposit”. You’ll be required to re-enter your Admin password to ensure your account’s safety.


3.) Next, you’ll be asked to “Confirm” the linking of your Grubhub for Restaurants account with your bank account.


4.) Next, you’ll be asked to select which bank you use.


5.) After selecting your bank, you will be asked to log into your bank account, using your User ID and password for your bank. Grubhub does not collect nor store any private information and all account information is encrypted for your safety.

Note: If your account name does not match your restaurant name, you will see the following message. Please download the attached form and email it, along with the required documents, to [email protected].


6.) After logging into your bank account, you will be asked to review your information and confirm that it is correct by accepting the terms and conditions and clicking “Submit”.


7.) Once you have submitted this information, you will see a bright green banner along the top of your screen confirming that you have successfully submitted your information.


8.) Lastly, once your direct deposit information has been verified and approved, we will email your restaurant letting you know your direct deposit is officially set up!

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