Respond to reviews

Grubhub customers can leave ratings and reviews on your restaurant’s menu page. These reviews are based on real customer orders, and responding to reviews is an opportunity to thank your fans, address disgruntled diners, and build your reputation online. 

With Grubhub for Restaurants, you can:

  1. Get an overview of your ratings and customer feedback
  2. See how many reviews you can reply to
  3. Offer diners discounts and see how many diners have redeemed those discounts
  4. Respond to specific diner reviews. You have 14 days to reply after the diner posts the review.
  5. Report reviews with inappropriate content to Grubhub (Learn how here)

How to reply to reviews

  • Log in to your account at
  • Select Reviews from the left navigation or if you don’t see the left navigation, select  the  icon, then Reviews. 
  • In the Respond to reviews section, you can see all reviews that diners have left about your restaurant. To respond to a recent review, select Respond.
  • A window will popup, where you can see the diner’s rating of your restaurant, the review they left, and what they ordered.
  • Type your response to the customer; we have a guide on best practices on how to respond here.
  • You can also fund a discount to the diner. A discount code will be emailed to the diner, and they’ll have 30 days to redeem it. While your reply to the diner will be public for other diners to see, the promo code is sent privately and is not public. Note: these discounts are funded by your restaurant, not Grubhub.
  • Before selecting Submit, be sure that you’re happy with what you’ve written! Your review response will be public, and the customer will receive an email of your response. At this time, you can not edit responses once they’re posted. 
  • Select Submit.
  • Your reply will be posted publicly and sent to the diner. If your reply is not approved, then you will not have the opportunity to reply again.

Diner Experience

Once you post a reply, all customers who visit your menu page will see your response, similar to the example below. 

Customers will also receive an email with your reply. If you offered a discount to the diner, their email will also include a promo code similar to the example below. 


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