Report a review

Report a Review


If you feel a diner has left a review that contains inappropriate content or the contents of the review refer to reasons outside of your control, you can report a review to Grubhub. Grubhub will remove any reviews that:

  • Contain profanity, hate speech, or threats
  • Contain the diner’s personal information (email, full name, address, etc.)
  • Target a Grubhub or restaurant employee by name
  • Contain fewer than 3 words
  • Are illegible due to typos or misspellings
  • Are a duplicate submission
  • Explicitly mean to drive users to another restaurant (includes a link, mentions menu items at competitors, etc.)

How to report a review

  • Select Report to Grubhub on the specific review you have concerns about.

  • Select a reason from the dropdown that most closely explains your concern

  • Grubhub will look at the review, and you can track the status of your report directly on the Reviews page
  • Once Grubhub looks at your report, a few things can happen:
    • Grubhub will remove the diner’s review, and it will disappear from Grubhub’s site and apps and your Grubhub for Restaurants account.
    • Grubhub will respond directly to the diner’s review if it’s clear Grubhub is at fault. You’ll be able to see Grubhub’s response, and you will not be able to respond after Grubhub posts a reply.
    • Grubhub will close the report without a response if it is unclear what caused the diner’s poor experience. If you believe the diner’s complaint was their fault, you can use this as an opportunity to address their concern while highlighting your restaurant’s perspective. See examples of how to do this here.

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