Promotions Reporting Dashboard

Understanding your Promotions reporting dashboard

Whether you’re running Smart Promotions or Regular Promotions, you can view your promotions’ performance in the Promotions Reporting Dashboard in a layout designed to bring you closer to the insights that matter to your business.


Accessing you reporting dashboard

If you have an Admin account, you can first log into Grubhub for Restaurants, then navigate to the ‘Promotions’ tab from the left side menu in your Grubhub for Restaurants account, and then selecting ‘Reporting’.


Budget, Spend, and Matching

The “Budget” portion of the reporting page makes it easy for you to see how much you have budgeted, spent, and how much Grubhub has matched throughout the month.


Managing promotions from the dashboard (Regular Promotions)

Any restaurant running Regular Promotions can select the blue ‘Manage Promotions’ button in the top right corner of the reporting pages. This will navigate you to the ‘Manage’ tab where you can make edits and updates. You are also able to select the ‘Manage’ tab to navigate away from reporting and into the ‘manage’ experience.


Revenue from Promotions

In the performance section, we show you the revenue that you’ve brought in from the promotions that you have run. We look at your restaurant’s gross sales and then subtract your promotional costs*. The formula is:


Revenue from promotions = gross sales – promotional costs 

*Note, we do not subtract Grubhub commission from this value


Return on Investment (ROI)

In the performance section, we are helping you to understand how your investment in Smart Promotions is paying off by showing you their ROI. We are calculating this by dividing your promotional revenue by your promotional costs. The formula is:


Revenue from Promotions / promotional costs

*Note, the Grubhub match is included in the current ROI calculation.


Summary Tab vs. Details Tab

The summary tab looks across all the promotions that your restaurant is running and provides a summed view of revenue and return on investment. At the details level, we are calculating revenue and return on investment based on a specific promotion’s performance. In other words, on the details tab, we are calculating the return and ROI based on each promotion’s isolated performance.


The Performance Estimator (Smart Promotions only)

The Performance Estimator allows you to see how your restaurant’s revenue could have been impacted if you had increased or decreased your Smart Promotions budget. This tool is especially useful when understanding how your previous month’s performance could have looked had you increased or reduced your promotions budget.

The bottom component of the summary reporting page allows you to see your restaurant’s revenue from promotions, total revenue, and estimated revenue. When you first view this page, you’ll automatically see your current budgetary contribution as well as your revenue from promotions charted in the graph. You will also have the ability to toggle on your total revenue in order to see how your revenue from promotions compares. 

In addition, you also have the ability to engage with the performance estimator slider to see potential changes to your revenue should you decide to increase or decrease your budgetary contribution to Smart Promotions. As the admin moves the slider, the revenue from promotions value changes in order to provide the estimates as to what could’ve happened had the restaurant provided more or less money in the weeks prior. We generate these estimates using these rules:

Currently, the Estimator does not provide forecast data and focuses only on the potential impact to past performance. All results demonstrate potential improvements to past performance and do not promise a return.

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