How to Print Orders

Printing orders helps double check for accuracy. See below for our various printing solutions:

Printers that connect with our system:

Thermal Printer (Star Micronics)

If you have a Grubhub-provided tablet, you can set up automatic printing with the Star Micronics TSP143 Thermal Printer. The wireless, ethernet and usb models are all supported.

Fax Machine

If you have a fax machine, we can add your number so orders print automatically


How to Add Printers

Thermal Printer (Star Micronics)

To get started:

  1. Plug it directly to the Wi-Fi Router via an Ethernet cable.  
  2. Connect the Grubhub-provided tablet to the same network.  
  3. Select the  icon:

  4. Go to Settings:
  5. Select Add printer:
  6. Print these receipts automatically by selecting Yes under Auto-print receipts and select the number of copies to print.


HP ePrint enabled Printer

To get started:

  1. Create an account here, and follow all the steps.
  2. Select an email.
  3. Inform Restaurant Care to add your new email.  They can be reached at 877-799-0790 or [email protected].


Desktop Printer

Grubhub for Restaurants

To get started:

  1. Log in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account.  
  2. Go to Orders and select an order.  
  3. Click Print to print to your connected network printer or wired printer.


To get started:

Check your inbox for orders.  Click on the order you want to print:

Look for the print icon from the order details screen:


Fax Machine

If you have a fax machine, we can add your numberso orders print automatically.

For this solution to work:

Contact Restaurant Care and let them know you want to additionally receive orders via fax, and provide the  fax number. They can be reached at 877-799-0790 or [email protected].

Other helpful resources:

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