Order Management for Catering

In addition to setting delivery estimates, you can adjust how far in advance you would like to be notified of large orders, what your restaurant considers a larger order, and the last time a diner can make updates before the order is sent to your restaurant.

To access these order management tools:

  1. Log in to Grubhub for Restaurants at restaurant.grubhub.com
  2. Navigate to the top left and select  icon. Choose profile.
  3. Toggle to catering and click the pencil to adjust any of these settings.

Delivery Minimum:

Minimum order amount that can be placed by a diner

Pre-order confirm window:

This is the cut-off  time that a diner can edit their catering order and the point at which the order will be sent to the restaurant via fax or email. If the restaurant logs in to GFR, they will see the order right away under the “scheduled orders” tab, but if they use email or fax it will be sent up to 24 hours in advance.

If an order is placed same day, it would be sent immediately to the restaurant and not allow the diner to make any order edits.


Large order catering section:

Restaurants can set additional restrictions for large catering orders to give them more time to prepare orders and determine the dollar amount of what a large order is defined as

Large order threshold – defaults to $600, can be updated by the restaurant

Additional prep time required – defaults to 0, but can be updated by the restaurant if they need more time to cook larger orders


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