Order Confirmation Notifications

Order Confirmation Notifications

Recently, we updated your account in order to provide a better experience for your customers. Confirming orders quickly is important because it gives your customers assurance that their order was received and will be made. To help restaurants with this, we have created a pop-up to show on your account when there are orders in your queue that have not been confirmed yet.


Confirming orders

To quickly confirm orders in your queue, click anywhere on the banner to be shown orders that are still unconfirmed.

Dismissing the notification

You are able to quickly close out of this pop-up using the X in the top right-hand corner, or the “dismiss” button at the bottom. This message will continue to present itself if and when there are orders your restaurant has not confirmed yet.

Opting out

Your restaurant has automatically opted into this process, but you are able to opt-out if your restaurant chooses. You can choose the “standard” notification method by going to Settings and then choosing Device Settings in your Grubhub for Restaurants account.


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