Direct Order Links

Grubhub offers your restaurant the option of a Direct Order Link for your own marketing to get orders without marketing fees.*

You can get your Direct Order link by visiting the Profile Page in Grubhub for Restaurants. Then, click “Copy.” If you’d like to create a more customer-friendly link, there are free third-party link shorteners available including Bitly and Tiny URL.


Ordering links can be provided as a customized button or as a text link that can be added to your website. Below are some examples of what these buttons look like:

Button with Grubhub branding: 

Button with no Grubhub branding

To request your button and get help setting it up, contact your account advisor.

*Order processing fees will still be charged. Grubhub Delivery fees will be charged for orders delivered by Grubhub.

Other helpful resources:

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