Managing Grubhub for Work orders

1. Confirm you received the order

Once a client places an order, the order is sent to your restaurant via fax and/or email:

  • To Confirm via Email
    • Simply click the Confirmation Link on the order email
    • If you do not confirm the order within a few minutes, we will send an automated reminder call
  • Fax Confirmations
    • Note the 2-digit confirmation code located on the left hand corner of the fax
    • Answer the phone call and enter the confirmation code
  • Print Orders
    • If you have a printer email address, for example “[email protected]”, we can set it up so that your orders are sent to your printer as a PDF in addition to the emailed link. 
    • Please Contact GFW Care at [email protected] or call 877-564-4192
  • Updating how you recieve orders
    • To change how you receive orders please contact GFW Care at [email protected] or call 877-564-4192.

Grubhub assumes your restaurant will confirm and prepare the order by the requested time, with the exception of if a customer places an ASAP order above $300.

If an ASAP order is over $300, a Corporate Concierge team member will call to check your ETA before confirming with the business.

Below is an example of a catering order receipt you would receive via Grubhub for Work:

2. Prepare the order

  • Use a checklist and be sure to include all utensils, plates and serveware
  • For group orders, prepare meals individually and be sure to label each package with the customer’s name  
  • Verify all tickets and ensure they’re closed out at the end of each shift

➤ Tip: be sure to review the beverage policy here to ensure you are packing beverages appropriately.

The following is an example of a group order receipt, in which you would need to individually bag and label each order:

3. Get the order ready for delivery

  • Designate an area for drivers to park (if applicable) and pick up orders
  • Place orders in that area once the order is prepared
  • Verify items with the driver, and ensure the driver initials the order before leaving  

You can access reports, view financial statements and manage your settings by visiting   


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