Managing Catering Orders

1. Confirm you received the order

Once a diner places an order, the order is sent to your restaurant via fax, email or GFR::

  • To Confirm via Email
    • Simply click the Confirmation Link on the order email
    • If you do not confirm the order within a few minutes, we will send an automated reminder call
  • Fax Confirmations
    • Note the 2-digit confirmation code located on the left hand corner of the fax
    • Answer the phone call and enter the confirmation code
  • Print Orders
    • To learn how to setup your printer, follow these steps
  • Updating how you recieve orders
    • To change how you receive orders please contact Restaurant Care at [email protected]  or call 877-799-0790.

Grubhub assumes your restaurant will confirm and prepare the order by the requested time.

2. Prepare the order

  • Use a checklist and be sure to include all utensils, plates and serveware
  • Verify all tickets and ensure they’re closed out at the end of each shift



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