Manage and View Catering Orders

Manage and View Catering Orders


Manage catering orders

Confirm you received the order

Once a diner places an order, the order is sent to your restaurant via fax, email or GFR:

To Confirm via Email

  • Simply click the Confirmation Link on the order email
  • If you do not confirm the order within a few minutes, we will send an automated reminder call

Fax Confirmations

  • Note the 2-digit confirmation code located on the left hand corner of the fax
  • Answer the phone call and enter the confirmation code

Print Orders

  • To learn how to setup your printer, follow these steps

Updating how you receive orders

  • To change how you receive orders please contact Restaurant Care at [email protected]  or call 877-799-0790
  • Grubhub assumes your restaurant will confirm and prepare the order by the requested time.

Prepare the order

  • Use a checklist and be sure to include all utensils, plates and serveware
  • Verify all tickets and ensure they’re closed out at the end of each shift

View scheduled catering orders

Catering orders that are scheduled ahead of time will show up in the Scheduled tab, where you can see all your scheduled orders and key information about each order.

  • Log in at
  • Select the Scheduled tab. Catering orders will have an orange border and say “Large Delivery”, like so:

  • Select the order to see the menu items and any special catering details. Customers can change their order up to 4 hours before the order is promised, so we don’t recommend preparing the order until closer to its Promised by time.

  • The order will move from Scheduled to Active approximately 1.5-2 hours before the catering order should be delivered to the customer.
  • Tap Confirm to let Grubhub and the customer know you are preparing the order.
  • The order will move to the bottom of the page after you have confirmed the order.
  • Once you’ve prepared the order, tap Ready for Driver.
  • Check the top right corner of the order to get updates on when your driver will arrive. We recommend having the food ready 30 minutes before the promised time.
  • Once a driver has picked up the order and left the restaurant, the order will move to the Completed tab.
  • You can check on the delivery progress by tapping on the location icon in the top right corner of each order.


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