Manage orders with your own device

Grubhub recommends using your own internet-connected device to manage Grubhub orders, as it enables you to adjust or cancel orders, hide sold out menu items, and to stop taking orders if your restaurant becomes busy without calling in to Grubhub.

Here’s how to manage orders with this option:

  • Log in to via an Internet-connected device (computer, tablet, phone).
  • Be sure that the volume on your device is as high as possible so you can hear when orders come in.
  • In the top left, select Orders. This is where orders will show up once a diner places them.
  • Click through the following demo or watch the following video to learn how to manage orders.

You can also manage other aspects of your account, such as updating your menu, viewing your statements, and adding promotions with Grubhub for Restaurants. Learn more here.

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