Manage orders with email

When a customer places an order, you will receive an email with the order details similar to below:

  1. Click on Click here to confirm and view to let the diner know that you’ve received and are preparing their order.
  2. Within a few minutes of receiving this email, if you do not click to confirm, you’ll receive an automated call from Grubhub to enter the confirmation number located on the email.
  3. You’ll see if the order is for Delivery or Pickup and by when the food should be prepared.
  4. See the items the diner ordered, how many of each item that need to be prepared, and any special instructions for each menu item.
  5. PREPAID means the customer has already paid for the order on Grubhub, and you’ll receive that payment via check or direct deposit as part of Grubhub’s payment schedule. CASH means that the customer has not paid, and that your driver should collect payment when they deliver the food.
  6. See customer details including their address, phone number, and any special instructions they have for delivery.

Note: Grubhub strongly recommends managing orders via Grubhub for Restaurants as opposed to email, as you have can directly adjust or cancel orders, hide sold out items, and stop taking orders if your restaurant gets busy without calling Grubhub. Learn more on how to do this here.



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