View Financials: Statements, Transactions, Deposit History, Current Balance

View Financials: Statements, Transactions, Deposit History, Current Balance


You can view how your business is doing at any time within the Grubhub for Restaurants platform, using your admin account.

How to View Financials

To view each of these 4 documents:

  • Log in to
  • Select Financials from the left sidebar on desktop, or the icon on mobile.
  • Navigate to any of the 4 Financials you would like to view. See below sections for more information on each tab.


Statements are posted online during the first week of the month and can be downloaded as a PDF. Your monthly statement includes information such as: 

  • Food and beverage subtotals
  • Total prepaid orders
  • Total order adjustments
  • Commission rates
  • Processing fees

Review the following statement guide to better understand what’s included in your monthly statement. Click here to view your statements.


View transactions made to your restaurant through Grubhub. From this page, you can:

  • Filter transactions by date (up to 45 days at a time)
  • Filter transactions type, including by cash or prepaid orders, customer care credits, adjustments, and more
  • View information for each transaction including date, time, tax, tip, subtotal, restaurant total and more
  • Download transactions as a CSV file

Click here to view your transactions.

Deposit History

View past deposits made to your account From the Deposits page, you can:

  • Filter by restaurant (if you have more than one location) and date
  • Download a CSV of your deposit history
  • View deposit amounts by Distribution ID
  • See deposit details such as deposit ID and the total deposited to your account

Click here to view your deposit history.

Current Balance

From the Current Balance page, you can see details such as:

  • Your current balance
  • How frequently you receive deposits
  • When your next deposit will be made
  • Recent transaction activity
  • How much you can deposit to your account, if you have direct deposit set up

Click here to view your current balance. 


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