Updating Holiday and/or Custom Hours

Holiday and Custom Hours


When you plan to go on vacation or close early for the holidays, you can set those hours ahead of time on Grubhub for Restaurants.

  • Log in to restaurant.grubhub.com
  • Select Hours from the left sidebar on desktop, or the  icon on mobile.
  • Find the section titled Custom Hours.

  • To create custom hours click Create New.

  • Under Label, type in the holiday or occasion for which you need to update your hours.
  • Select the Date for which your restaurant’s hours will change.
  • To customize the hours your restaurant will be open, click on the Delivery, Pickup, or Catering checkboxes and add in your modified hours.
  • If you have different hours for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, click Split to add a second set of hours.
  • To close your restaurant all day, uncheck the Delivery, Pickup and Catering boxes in the left of the window and make sure “Closed” is displayed in the Open and Closed fields.
  • Select Save to confirm your holiday or custom hours.

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