Grubhub for Work Overview

Grubhub for Work connects restaurants to workplaces via our corporate ordering platform. There are over 5,000 companies on our network eager to place food orders for their offices and staff. By joining Grubhub for Work, you can grow your business with office and catering orders.

Additional benefits include:

  • Large ticket orders – Average orders are $150+
  • Steady revenue stream – We work with top companies to schedule group orders from a variety of restaurants
  • Professional delivery service – Grubhub’s highest-rated, elite drivers pick up, deliver and setup your orders

Order types

Here are the types of orders that are offered to corporate clients on Grubhub for Work:

  • Catering Orders – A single, large order from one person from an a la carte menu or catering menu. Orders can be placed ASAP (fastest ETA is 60 minutes) or scheduled in advance (up to 30 days).
  • Group Orders – A single order on which multiple diners have placed individual meals and can choose to split the bill. These orders are exactly the same as catering orders, except each individual’s meal must be packed and labeled separately.
  • Scheduled Group Orders – Similar to group orders, except customers must select their meal by a scheduled time and can choose from different restaurants (usually 3-5 restaurants). Restaurants that are certified to offer scheduled group orders see some of the largest quantities of individual orders on Grubhub for Work. For more detail, click here.

For a more detailed overview of the different types of orders on Grubhub for Work, view the following table:

Regular or Catering OrderGroup OrderScheduled Group Order
Who orders?Individual employeeGroup of employees, one individual must start and end the orderGroup of employees place individual orders from pre-selected list of restaurants
Who pays for the order?Depends on the client and order typeDepends on the clientCompany can pay for the meal or individual employees can pay for themselves
When can the order be placed?ASAP or in the futureASAP or in the futureAdmin selects a scheduled time for delivery. Sent to restaurant at least 2 hours before delivery time
Who delivers the order?Grubhub delivers the orderGrubhub delivers the orderGrubhub delivers the order. Restaurant must bag and label each individual order with the employee’s name
Which restaurants will be available to diners?Only restaurants within the delivery area will be shown. Restaurants can decide if they want to include catering options on their menu.Only restaurants within the delivery area will be shown.Only restaurants certified for scheduled group orders will be shown


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