Set Up

Review the steps below to properly set up Group Order for your restaurant!


Get Started

  • Contact [email protected] or work with your Account Advisor to ensure your restaurant is ready and available for Group Orders—they will ensure your account is set up
  • You will see “Group” listed on your Profile page, when you are set up for Group Orders



  • When you receive a Group Order, you’ll see a ‘group’ tag on the order on the order management page


  • You can set hours specifically for your Group Orders in the Grubhub platform. To access and adjust Group Order hours, tap on the Hours tab in the Grubhub platform. Here, you can adjust your Group Order hours on a Weekly, Daily, and Custom hours level.

Set Up

  • Your menu and delivery boundaries will stay the same for standard and group orders
  • Your delivery and prep time is set to 90 minutes for Group Orders
  • Delivery minimums, pre order confirmation windows, and large order thresholds used in the past don’t apply to Group Orders
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