Order Management

Before you receive your first Group Order, it’s important to understand how it works.


Receive Notification 

  • You’ll receive a Group Order (GO) notification 90 minutes before the order needs to be delivered
  • When you click on the GO notification, you’ll see the number of customers, items, and order total
  • You can also view the delivery address and contact information, and any special delivery instructions that may have been provided


Confirm Order

  • To confirm the order, click the “Confirm 90 minute delivery time” button
  • Once you confirm the order, you’ll receive a receipt broken out by individual orders and instructions provided for each
  • Use the individual receipts to easily bag and label each part of the Group Order


Prepare Order

  • You’ll have 90 minutes to prepare, package, and deliver the Group Order
  • Make sure to bag and label each individual order separately within a Group Order
  • We recommend attaching each individual’s receipt to order 
  • Make sure that each bag is double checked for accuracy before handing it off to a delivery driver


  • If you need to cancel or adjust a Group Order, you can work with the Restaurant Care team by calling (877-799-0790)
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