Update Estimated Delivery and Pickup Times

Update default estimated delivery and pickup times


It’s important to make sure your default delivery and pickup times are accurate! Our research has shown that accurate and faster delivery times can lead to more orders.

  • Log in to restaurant.grubhub.com
  • Select Settings from the left sidebar on desktop, or the  icon on mobile.
  • Under Default estimates, you can see your current default estimate times:

  • To update your estimated delivery time, under Default delivery estimate:
    • Select the  icon to reduce your estimate time
    • Select the  icon to increase your estimate time

Please note: default delivery estimates are only available for restaurants that do their own delivery.

For Catering Orders:

On the Grubhub platform you will need to update your Default Prep + Delivery estimate. This estimate represents the time it takes you to prepare and deliver a catering order. This is added to the opening time to determine when the first delivery can be on a given day.

For example, if a caterer opens at 9am and has a 120 Prep and Delivery → The earliest delivery will be at 11am


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