Do it yourself Promotions–now offering BOGO!

The Regular Promotions tool can now offer BOGO as a promotions type!

We’re continually releasing new promotion types for both our Regular, Do-it-yourself Promotions tool and our Smart Promotions tool. With Smart Promotions, you set your goals and budget, while we do the work for you–optimizing your promotions to help you achieve your goals within your budget. With Do-it-yourself promotions, you can choose your promotion types and manually decide what to offer, how much to offer, and what you think works best for your business.


How does BOGO work?

This new promotion type allows you to identify an item that a customer will get for free when they order a specific item(s). There are a few ways your restaurant can set this up, depending on what works best for you and your menu. 

  • Buy X item, get X item for free 
    • EX: Buy 1 taco, get 1 taco for free!
  • Buy X item, get Y item for free
    • EX: Buy 1 taco, get 1 churro for free!
  • Buy [insert quantity] X, get X for free
    • EX: Buy 3 tacos, get 1 taco free!
  • Buy [insert quantity] X, get Y for free
    • EX: Buy 3 tacos, get 1 churro for free!

Depending on what items your restaurant wants to highlight, choose whichever of the above BOGO types best aligns with your goals. Do you have multiple goals you’re looking to accomplish? You can run as many BOGO offers as you’d like–just follow the directions below to set up each offer.


How do I set up a BOGO offer?

1.) Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account

2.) Navigate to the Promotions tab to view the Add goal page

3.) Select the new goal type for BOGO: Highlight specific items

After selecting “Highlight specific items”, you’ll be guided step-by-step to set up your BOGO deal.

4.) First, select which item you want customers to purchase (from the dropdown list of your menu items) in order to earn a free item.

Note: You can run multiple BOGO programs simultaneously, so choose the first one you’d like to create, knowing you can add more deals later.

5.) After selecting the item, choose the quantity your customer needs to buy in order to be eligible to receive the free item.

6.) Next, choose the item your customer will receive for free when they add qualifying items to their cart.

7.) If you’re currently running other promotion types, these next steps will be familiar.

a.) Schedule the duration of time you’d like your BOGO to run for.

b.) Review the details of your BOGO, and launch!

8.) Congratulations on launching your first BOGO! Feel free to return to Step 2 and add additional BOGO deals for your customers.


What does success look like?

Just like other promotions you’re running, BOGO promotions will appear on your restaurant’s customer-facing menu page. When a customer adds the required items to their cart, they will be able to add the promo code. Once they’ve redeemed the promo code, it will appear on the Reporting Dashboard.

You can monitor the success of your Promotions, now including BOGO, from your Reporting Dashboard.

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