Direct Order Toolkit: Your newest Grubhub benefit

Your guide to the Direct Order Toolkit

Direct Order Links (formerly called Online Ordering Links) are a free tool for Grubhub partners that allow you to drive orders with zero marketing fees. To give you more flexibility help you drive more orders through your own channels, we’ve added new resources to our Direct Order Toolkit:

Use these on your restaurant’s website, social media, direct-mailers, in-store signage, and more! See below for more details and ideas about where and how you can use them for the greatest impact.


How do your Direct Order resources work?

These links take your customers to your Grubhub menu page, but they include a special tracking code so Grubhub can recognize that these customers came from your channels. When a customer places an order from any of these links, we won’t charge a marketing fee. After all, you did the marketing that brought in the order! Direct Order Links are always free for you to use, and you can retrieve them at any time from your Profile page in your Grubhub for Restaurants account.


Your Direct Ordering Shortlink

Your Direct Order Shortlink is a URL for your restaurant that you can share in places like your social media or at the bottom of your menu. Your link gives customers to place an order with no marketing fees for your restaurant. 

Ready to explore? Check out your Direct Ordering Shortlink here

Click here to learn more about your Direct Ordering Shortlink


Your Direct Order QR code

Your restaurant can now take advantage of contact-free ordering QR codes! You can add your QR code to posters in your restaurant, use in direct-mailers, or share on social media. 

Ready to explore? Check out your Direct Order QR code here

Click here to learn more about your Direct Order QR code


Your Direct Order Button

Now, you can generate your own custom button in just a few clicks. Each button generates unique HTML code for a button that can be embedded on your website for customers. When customers click the button, they are taken to your menu page where they can place orders without marketing fees for your restaurant.

Ready to explore? Check out your Direct Order button here

Click here to learn more about your Direct Order Button


*Orders placed through any of the Direct Order Assets will not pay marketing fees on these orders, but your restaurant will still be required to pay Order Processing Fees on these orders, and Grubhub Delivery fees where applicable.



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