Delivery and Pick-Up Best Practices

Diners consider two important metrics when measuring efficiency of delivery:

  1. Timeliness.  Your customers love your food, but they especially love it when it’s delivered on time. Keep an eye on how much time it takes between a customer placing an order and when it actually arrives. Use Grubhub for Restaurants to provide accurate delivery estimates to customers and updates on their orders if there may be a delay.
  2. Order Accuracy.  Digging into a fresh order of delivered food is like opening a present, but one wrong item can feel like receiving a gift you didn’t ask for. Both the dispatcher and the delivery driver should double check each order before it goes out the door. 

Want some more tips for improving your delivery timeliness and order accuracy? Give these best practices a try.

Before your start receiving orders:

  • Provide any special instructions for drivers such as, “Park behind building and pick order up at front counter.” by logging in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account.
  • Set up a separate prep area for takeout orders (if space allows).

Receiving orders:

  • Print orders  from your Grubhub for Restaurants account or your own ticketing system.  Learn more.
  • Confirm the order with an accurate estimate so customers know when they can expect to pick up their order or receive their delivery.
  • Use the same ticket for the entire delivery process — from cooking the food to expediting and packing the order.

Preparing orders:


  • Read the full order before preparing it.  Look for add-ons and special instructions.
  • Make sure to check for special delivery instructions before handing orders to your drivers, and remind them to follow these instructions exactly. Learn more.
  • Provide a status on the ticket when the order has been made.
  • Place a checkmark next to each item on the ticket when it has been made.
  • Label each item with the Grubhub customer name and menu item.


Packing & sealing orders:

  • Place a second check mark next to the item once it’s been added to the bag/box.
  • Pack hot and cold items separately.
  • Secure all bags – We recommend stapling paper bags closed and tying plastic bags into a knot.
  • Attach the ticket to one bag and label any other bags with the same customer name.  
  • Consider adding only canned and bottled drinks to your take-out menu and pack these in an individually sealed bag.
  • Place fountain drinks in cup holders and set them in front of the order so they are seen by drivers.



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