Catering Orders Frequently Asked Questions

Catering Orders Frequently Asked Questions


Who places catering orders?

Consumer and corporate diners are able to place catering orders.

Who pays for the order?

Payment will vary by the client and order type.

When can the order be placed?

Orders can be placed on the same day, or up to 4 days in advance on the Grubhub mobile app and 7 days in advance on the desktop website.

Who delivers the order?

Catering orders can be delivered by any self delivery restaurant’s own drivers or Premium Grubhub Drivers.

Is pick up available for catering orders?

Currently, customers cannot pick up catering orders.

Which restaurants will be available to diners?

Only restaurants within the delivery area will be shown. Restaurants are encouraged to include catering options on their menu.

Do I need to provide utensils and serveware?

Yes, please include utensils, napkins, and other serveware unless otherwise specified in the order’s Special order instructions.

How do I receive payments and statements for catering orders?

You will receive a separate statement for your catering orders, and you will receive one payment for both your restaurant and catering orders.

How do customers place catering orders?

Customers can order catering by filtering their search results or going to your catering menu from your restaurant page. Below are examples of how customers can search for catering options and a restaurant’s catering menu.

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