Catering Order Preparation

Catering Order Preparation


Delivery Minimum

You can set the minimum dollar for a catering order. The delivery minimum of catering orders can be adjusted to differ from standard orders. A customer can only place an order for delivery if the order meets this dollar amount threshold that you set. 

For example, if you set the delivery minimum to be $50, a diner cannot place a delivery order until the subtotal of the cart adds up to be $50 or more. 


Default Prep and Delivery Estimate 

Your default estimates should accurately reflect the time it takes for you to make your food and deliver it to a customer. The default prep time is added to your opening hours to determine the first possible delivery on a given day. 

For example, if you are a self-delivery restaurant, and you open at 9:00 am with catering prep + delivery estimate to be 60 minutes, the earliest catering delivery will be estimated to be at 10 am.

If you choose to use Grubhub delivery, you will be notified what time the order needs to be ready for pickup to ensure an on time delivery. 

You can set additional restrictions for large catering orders to define a dollar amount for large orders and give your staff more time to prepare orders when they come in. If you don’t change this field, the value defaults to $600. 

For example, if you set the large order threshold to be $600, any order that is $600 or more will be considered a “large” order; therefore, requiring additional time for preparation. Additional time will be added to default delivery and pickup estimates if the order crosses the large order threshold. You can configure this additional time in the “additional time needed for large orders” field. If you don’t change this field, the additional time needed defaults to 0. 


Preorder Confirm Window

Restaurants can set two separate preorder confirm windows for:

  1. Orders below the large order threshold
  2. Orders above the large order threshold

The preorder confirm window is the time in which your restaurant can confirm a scheduled catering order. Before an order is confirmed by your restaurant, customers can still make edits to their order through self service. Once an order is confirmed by your restaurant, customers can no longer make self edits and will need to call Grubhub Care for any edits. Grubhub Care will then get in touch with your restaurant. 

The preorder confirm window is currently defaulted to 72 hours for both orders above and below the large order threshold. You can change this to fit your restaurant needs through GFR. 

For example, if your preorder confirm window is 72 hours and the order is placed for delivery on Thursday at 12 pm, the order can be confirmed by your restaurant starting Monday at 12 pm. After Monday at 12 pm, the customer can no longer make direct edits to the order.

If you log on to GFR, a scheduled order will show up in the Orders section under the “scheduled” tab. You can click “confirm” once the preorder confirm window is initiated and then the order will move to a “confirmed” state. 

If you use a standard or thermal printer, you can print receipts directly from GFR.

If an order is placed the same day, it would be sent immediately to your restaurant. These orders will appear in the “active” tab under the section “orders” in GFR. 

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