Catering on Grubhub Overview

Catering on Grubhub connects restaurants with our active (both consumer and corporate) diners via our catering platform. By joining Grubhub Catering, you can grow your business with office and catering orders.

What additional features of our platform are attractive to our partners?

  • Business Tools – Grubhub provides powerful tools for restaurants to manage their business on our sites.
  • Responsive Support – Our Restaurant Care department is dedicated to offering in-depth support for handing a restaurant’s questions and technical issues.
  • Consultative Partnership – Every restaurant receives an Account Advisor, who focuses on helping restaurants grow their business by increasing their order volume through Grubhub.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Who orders?

Consumer and corporate diners

Who pays for the order?

Depends on the client and order type

When can the order be placed?

ASAP or in the future

Who delivers the order?

Restaurants delivery drivers

Which restaurants will be available to diners?

Only restaurants within the delivery area will be shown. Restaurants can decide if they want to include catering options on their menu.


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