Catering on Grubhub

Catering on Grubhub

Catering on Grubhub connects restaurants with diners who need to order large quantities of food for meetings, parties, or other events. By joining the Grubhub Catering network, you can grow your business with orders that are larger in scale compared to standard orders.

Grubhub Catering offers the business tools, responsive support, and consultative partnership for your restaurant to be successful in preparing and delivering an abundance of food to hungry diners in corporate offices and events in general.


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Catering Order Management

Grubhub for Restaurants (GFR)

Order Preparation

Confirm Orders

Active Orders

Adjust Orders

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Catering Menu Set Up

Menu Set Up Overview

Lead Time

Minimum Quantity

Serving Size


Catering Hours

Start and Pause Orders

Setting Hours


Large Order Delivery Management

Large Order Delivery Preparation

Delivery Boundary

Notify Drivers for Pickup


Financial Management Tools

Financials (GFR)


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