Catering Menu Set Up Overview

Catering Menu Set Up Overview

Choose from different menu items, sizes, and dietary restrictions to create convenient catering combinations by curating a set of catering options that customers can choose from. Train your restaurant staff on preparing ingredients and creating popular catering bundles to optimize efficiency in order fulfillment.  



Our tool allows you the flexibility to create a menu dedicated to your cuisine and business. Create categories and sub-categories to organize your menu items to separate out appetizers, beverages, desserts, and others. Convey whether items are served as a platter, a tray, a sampler, group style, family style or a la carte. 



Enhance the menu experience by including rich photos to help diners picture how they can setup the catering space in preparation for the delivery. Add descriptions to help customers understand the type of food and serving size.

Learn how to upload photos to your menu here.


Setting up a Catering Menu Item vs Standard Menu Item

A menu item that will appear on your Standard menu will be labeled with “Standard” (and “Group” if your restaurant also supports Scheduled Group Orders, SGO). 


A menu item that only appears on your Catering menu will only show a label for Catering.


You can determine the type of classification (Standard or Catering) when you create a brand new section and select the radio dial for the section to either be 1) Standard or 2) Catering on the Settings and Labels tab in the Orders module of your Grubhub for Restaurants account.


After you create a first menu item within a section, every subsequent item added to that section will follow the order type you selected with the first item. If you want to change the order type of the section, you will need to create a brand new section.

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