Catering FAQ

Catering FAQ


Who can place catering orders? 

  • Anyone can place a catering order (consumer or corporate diners). It’s the same process and the same steps, just create a Grubhub account and you’re ready to go!

Who pays for the order?

  • For enterprise clients, you can set up a line of credit (LOC) for your employees to use. You can access the corporate admin tool to set up LOCs. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Amex Express Checkout as well as apply promo codes or pay with a gift card during checkout. 

When can catering orders be placed?

  • Catering orders can be placed on the same day, or 7 days in advance on the desktop website. The restaurants that appear in your search will change depending on how early a restaurant sets its settings to be. The earlier you schedule a catering order, the more restaurant options you’ll have!

I see the same restaurant has two menus, one for standard and one for catering. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Standard menus are for consumer orders so the food will be packaged individually and in smaller portion sizes. These are meant for individual servings for one person. Catering menus are purposely created for large orders that serve groups of people. Catering foods are usually packaged in trays or platters. Some items on the catering menu may have a minimum quantity and serving size label. 

When is pickup available for catering? 

  • Pickup is not available for catering orders but will be available in the future. Only delivery is available for catering orders currently.

Which restaurants will be available for diners to order from?

  • Only restaurants within the delivery area will be shown.

Do I need to provide utensils and silverware?

  • Yes, please include utensils, napkins, and other serveware unless otherwise specified in the order’s special order instructions.

How do I receive payments and statements for catering orders?

  • You will receive a separate statement for your catering orders, and you will receive one payment for both your restaurant and catering orders.

Who delivers the order?

  • Catering orders can be delivered by any self delivery restaurant’s own drivers or Premium Grubhub Drivers. 

How do customers place catering orders? 

  • Customers can order catering by filtering their search results or going to your catering menu from your restaurant page. Below are examples of how customers can search for catering options and a restaurant’s catering menu. 

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