Add Menu Items

Add Menu Items

  • Log in at
  • Select Menu from the left sidebar, or the icon on mobile.
  • On the left of the page, select a Menu Section, then the + Add Item button on the right of the page.
  • On the right of the page, select the + Add Item button.

  • Fill out the details of your new menu item in the Add New Item window using the Info & Modifiers and Availability & Labels tabs.

Info & Modifiers

In the Info & Modifiers tab, you can add:

  • Item name, description, menu section, base price, and a photo
  • Availability and modifier
    • Base price: A base price indicates the menu item’s price before any modifiers with upcharges are selected. 
    • Use modifiers to give your customers the option to customize their orders. Examples include which dressing to include, topping choices, extra add-ons or even the option to remove ingredients.
    • Availability: Update availability by archiving items, which lets you easily hide an item from your online menu without deleting it.
  • Select Save & done to save your changes.

Availability & Labels

In the Availability & Labels tab, you can add:

  • Item Scheduling and Labels
    • Use Schedules to designate what times of day or days of the week menu items are available, like for Weekend brunch or lunch specials. You can assign schedules to menu items when you edit them.
    • Use Labels to add details to each of your menu items, such as the type of food item or special dietary needs the item meets. When you label your menu items, it makes it easier for customers with special dietary needs to find your restaurant.
  • Select Save & done to save your changes.

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