Adding Alcohol to Your Menu

Adding alcohol to your menu


Note: Alcohol delivery on Grubhub is only available in certain markets. Please talk to your account advisor if you are interested in adding alcohol to your menu.


In this article you will learn:

  • How to properly label your items containing Alcohol
  • How customers verify age when placing an order for Alcohol
  • How to deliver orders containing alcohol


Labeling Menu Items Containing Alcohol

To add the alcohol label to your menu, log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account and select the Menu section in the left hand navigation.

Click on the Menu Item that contains alcohol and Open the item for editing.


Navigate to Settings and Labels.

In the Labels section select +Add Label and check the Alcohol label. Then click Done.

The Alcohol label will be applied to the item. Click Save to confirm the update

When viewing the item, you can now see that the Alcohol label has been applied.

Customer Age Verification

Once the update is made, customers must verify they are 21 or older when selecting an item that contains alcohol when placing their order on Grubhub.

Alcohol Delivery

If you leverage Grubhub for delivery, Grubhub delivery drivers will be prompted to check ID based on proper tagging of your alcohol menu items.

Note: In order for drivers to receive the prompt to scan a customer’s ID, the items MUST be tagged as alcohol. Your restaurant is responsible for ensuring your menu items are tagged properly.

If you deliver your own orders, your driver is responsible for verifying that the customer is 21 or older.


Additional Support

For additional assistance labeling alcohol on your menu, email the Menu Team.

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