Add larger meal options to your menu

Add larger meal options to your menu

Our data shows that customers are placing larger orders. As families and roommates are isolated, they’re placing their orders together. Make your restaurant pop by adding a family or large meal option to your menu and let customers order in a single click.


Tips for building large order or family meal category and items: 
  • Let your customers know what you offer. Label the menu category:
    • Family-style Meals
    • Build your own  
    • Meals for 2
    • Meals for 4 
  • Price the menu items appropriately.  
  • Put the new category at the top of your menu for maximum exposure. 


Add menu items: 


  • Select “Menu” from the left sidebar, or the icon on mobile.


  • Arrange the new meal deal section to be at the top of your menu by selecting Arrange Sections and dragging the new section up to the top. Click ‘Done’


  • After clicking Add Section, select your new Family Meal Deals section from the left side of the screen. Once selected, you can start adding menu items.
  • On the right of the page, select the + Add Item button.

  • Fill out the details of your new menu item in the Add New Item window using the Info & Modifiers and Availability & Labels tabs.
  • Use modifiers to give your customers the option to customize their orders. Examples include which dressing to include, topping choices, extra add-ons or even the option to remove ingredients.

  • As you add details to your menu items, photos, and prices, keep in mind that this is what your customers will see when they select these items and check out.

  • When your menu items are complete, make sure to save your changes.


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