A guide to your new financial statements

Introducing your new financial statements from Grubhub!


Based on feedback from our restaurant partners, which we consistently review, we have enhanced our invoices to provide additional information and detail. Your new financial statements contain all the same information as before, now containing additional detail. You’ll notice in our new statements that new information is broken out in individual line items to provide more clarity in each section of your statement. 


Your statement at a glance


Here is an example of the new statement your restaurant will receive:


Your statement explained


Your new statement contains the following sections. 


Order revenue


This section highlights your restaurant’s revenue from all orders placed through Grubhub/Seamless. The bolded first line shows you at a glance how many orders were placed by customers, as well as the revenue you received from these orders. The following three sections each provide more detail:


Prepaid orders


This section highlights the revenue on orders your restaurant received through your Grubhub/Seamless page, phone orders, direct payment orders, partner channels (e.g. orders received through Yelp), and your own branded channels.


Order adjustments


This section is where you can find the dollar amount representing customer refunds and upcharges to orders after they were placed. We handled the customer conversation on your behalf, and the amount adjusted is called out here.


Redemptions on promotions you created


This section tracks the value of promotions redeemed by customers and funded by your restaurant. These include self-service promotions you launched in Grubhub for Restaurants and any promotions you authorized Grubhub to run on your behalf (e.g. Smart Promotions, $10 off $30 Grubhub funded campaign, $ or % off promotions for new diners). If you received Grubhub funding for one or more of your promotions, you will see a credit in the Account Adjustments section of your statement. More information about how your promotions are performing can be found in the Promotions Reporting page.


Grubhub order services


This section provides more details on your restaurant’s marketing, delivery and order processing rates with Grubhub. For more information about your restaurant’s rates, please contact your account advisor.




This dollar amount is calculated based on your restaurant’s marketing rate percentage, multiplied by your applicable revenue. Grubhub applies these funds toward marketing services for your restaurant including customer acquisition, retention, and recovery; search engine, social media, and email marketing; national media placements and other offline advertising; in-app placement; customer promotions; and extending your volume through partnered channels.




If your restaurant uses Grubhub to deliver your orders, this dollar amount represents what your restaurant pays in order to pay our delivery partners and cover the costs of delivery logistics.


Order processing


This section explains the dollar amount paid for fraud monitoring and protection, processing payments, and order fulfillment technology costs.


Account Adjustments


This section includes non-order related adjustments (both charges and refunds), it also includes pay me now fees. For more information about these adjustments, review your transactions. We are currently working on additional improvements to this section that will provide even greater clarity. 




This section details the amount that was directly paid to your bank account, including any money in taxes that your restaurant will be responsible for paying to the proper tax authority. This amount is calculated by adding up the amounts depicted in the section headers (Order revenue for __ orders, Grubhub order services, and Account adjustments. Keep in mind that amounts in parentheses are considered negative amounts).


Your package


Every restaurant’s package is different, depending on your restaurant’s needs. For information specific to your restaurant beyond what’s shared in your financial statement, reach out to your dedicated account advisor.




This specifies which restaurant the statement is referring to (especially helpful for accounts with multiple restaurant locations).


Service rate


This section shows the rates your restaurant pays for the services Grubhub provides. 



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